Aug 03

I took the much needed plunge and finally updated my blog, specifically the layout and design. I removed some links from my blogroll and added a couple to my Linkedin and pages, since they seem to be getting some views lately.

Yesterday was my niece Emily’s 6th birthday party. It is surreal that she starts first grade in the fall since I remember her birth quite vividly. I have my own birthday coming up on the 13th and it is a biggie. I am trying to be blasé about it since it is just a number; easier said than done.

My summer class ended last Saturday and final grades were due today. I am not teaching in the fall which will be my first break from it since January. I appreciate having some free time so I can focus on getting other priorities back to the top of my list including blogging more frequently here and getting my foodie blog ( updated on a regular basis because we clearly eat out enough to share some fun tales.

V moved in on the third floor and she is a fellow foodie who shares my all Asian, all the time belief. Needless to say, she has fit in quite nicely at The Laurel. It is pretty neat having someone upstairs that we actually hang out with quite a bit since past inhabitants have not exactly been friendship material. Let’s just leave it at that.

Next week, M and I are headed to the Cape for two full weeks. It is a big deal since I have never taken that much time off work, at least in a row, but I am really looking forward to it. We rented a “charming cottage” in Harwichport and for the price, I am still convinced that it only has 3 walls or no indoor plumbing. I sent Eileen over to check it out and according to her, it is legit. I am hoping that won’t change once we arrive. I am quasi-bracing myself to find an upgraded tent at the given address so keep your fingers crossed for us.

Beej wants me to have a yard sale since she has “so much stuff ” that she “is desperate to get rid of” and now my aunt has started making boxes so it looks like that will be happening. I will send out details as soon as we hammer them out, but I am thinking mid September.

Okay peeps, thanks for reading.

More soon.

2 Responses to “New day, new design”

  1. Stacie Says:

    Ha! I look forward to hearing about your cottage! The woman who I made a reservation with for our weekend on Block Island warned me that the room was “rustic.” That’s gotta imply outhouse.

    Bring the bug spray!

  2. Linnea Says:

    Yikes, rustic sounds even more intriguing than charming. Bring bug spray and perhaps a bucket? ; )

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